How we solve
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Contract manufacturing of plastic products from design to ready-assembled product has been our focus for several decades. What do you need? We develop products and production processes together with our customers. Which stage of the process are you at now? If your product is in the idea stage, we can help with design development, development of tools, and we can discuss the best choice of materials for the product. Even after the product is manufactured, we can contribute with solutions regarding assembly and packaging. Extensive experience and knowledge of customer-specific products within several different business segments means that we can quickly adapt our manufacturing to our customers' needs. With dedicated employees and a high level of accessibility, we can offer contract manufacturing with a lot of flexibility. As a customer of ours, besides a high level of dedication, you’ll also receive a cost-effective solution.



Långgatan 6
334 33 Anderstorp

Box 138
334 23 Anderstorp

Tel. 0371-52 32 70
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We are located in one of the injection molding "heart" Anderstorp, try us you too! Natur El, Gislaveds energi